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Digital transformation for greater logistics efficiency.

Digital transformation for greater logistics efficiency.

Finding app-based logistics management to work well, the features and opportunities kept getting added to help digital transformation at Connovation

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine just how much easier some tasks are with the right tools - as was the case for Connovation as we added feature after feature as they transformed their logistics management.

Connovation is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of invasive animal pest control technologies. Connovation came to us with the need for an app to assist in the management of their logistics, particularly the printing of shipping labels. Using Node, we created an app that fulfilled their requirements.

‘The right tools and software for the job means it can get done faster and more effectively, freeing up precious time in your day’

As the team at Connovation saw the ease of using the app compared to their previous methods, they saw an opportunity for the app solution to transform some of their other processes as well. We added extra functionality to the app as the business needs of Connovation evolved, including integration with Xero for ease of invoicing and other related administrative tasks.

By moving towards app-based management and growing from there, Connovation has digitally transformed the management of their business seeing greater productivity and less of the inefficiencies of disjointed manual systems.

If your business is looking to explore ways in which digital technology can bring new efficiencies to the way you do things we love to chat - contact Nick and the team at Trio Technology here

Lead Developer

Liam Mitchell

Node JS

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