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A custom Customer Relationship Management system

Node JS

A custom Customer Relationship Management system

An update for productivity at Soul Friends

Summary of Case Study: Creating a custom software solution often gives your business an edge, sometimes it’s a competitive advantage, sometimes it’s cost savings, in the case of Soul Friends it was increased productivity and reduced admin time.

Soul Friends are providers of pet cremations and animal memorial service and products. A high functioning customer relationship management tool is critical for Soul Friends as several status changes must be logged throughout the cremation process.

Having previously worked with Soul Friends to develop their previous customer relationship management software (CRM) with vTiger, this had now become out of date by about five years. Although great at the time of development, the client now felt constrained by its limitations and now knew exactly what she wanted out of her CRM software - it was time to upgrade!

With too many drawbacks of simply updating the old system, we created a new Node JS based CRM tool which enabled us to customise it to the client’s specific needs to enable much faster and better tracking and management to increase her productivity.

Alongside many additional features, the new system included Xero integration . With as many as 250 invoices per month, this integration provides automatic and easy invoicing which can significantly reduce admin time and removes redundant and duplicate data entry - a much more organised approach than paper and ‘head’ based management.

“I now have a database that my clients can engage with directly, and that sends data accurately to my accounting software, virtually eliminating the need for a staff member to input, which was previously a significant role.

We can now even book in pets using a smartphone app while we are out on the road, and check data in this way also. I do not know how I could have functioned successfully without this tool.

The team at Trio Technology are talented and capable, professional and highly organised. It’s great to see them growing a solid and successful business and I have no hesitation in recommending them to all.” - Simone, Soul Friends.

Knowing what you want to do but being unable to do it because of your current software restrictions can be frustrating. It’s also important to acknowledge that even the best systems can go out of date and to recognise the benefits of updating as needed. Using custom software to manage your business has many benefits and can bring great efficiencies to your daily administrative tasks.

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William Bell

Full Stack Developer