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We'd like our customers to speak on our behalf

Over the last 10 years we have received some great feeback and testimonials from our clients. We'd like to share some of them with you here

Check out the feedback and testimonials from our customers

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Digital DM
Neil Hucksteppe, CEO, 2020

"DigitalDM has worked and collaborated with Trio and their team for over 13 years. During that time, DigitalDM and Trio have built and supported many complex platforms, websites, and eCommerce sites through to mobile apps.  DigitalDM is deeply embedded with Trio and we look forward to the continuation of this special relationship with Trio Technology"

Hamish, CEO

"The team at Trio Technology have been great in being able to meet our needs and requirements for this project and truly understand the ideas we have with the knowledge to execute them.
They’ve been a great help in keeping our website fresh and up to date to meet the needs of our customers and we’d happily recommend them to anyone looking to do the same"

PN Personnel
Mason, Client Services. 2016

"We came to Trio Technology to refresh our website. We needed custom technical jiggery pokery from a supportive development team to meet some key outcomes.

Working with Trio Technology is a positive consultative process, Trio listens to our business needs to fully understand our plans & goals, then make practical suggestions and recommendations to get us where we want to be."

Project Manager, 2017

"We have used Triotech to extend the capabilities of our Project Management tool, Active Collab. We have found Nick and Jono to be helpful, flexible and extremely knowledgeable.

They have performed all works on time and on budget and are quick to raise suggestions for improvements on your initial requests. I highly recommend the team at Triotech and look forward to working with them on future projects"

Andrea, Business Manager

“We were very happy with the in-house developer support we received from Trio Technology, their skills and knowledge were a great match for what we needed and this was a great boost for our development team”

Trio Technology
  • Gloworm Lites

    “We decided to work with Trio after recommendation from a Palmerston North engineering firm managing our electronics.  It turned out to be a great move as the two companies already had an established working relationship.  After an initial discussion, Nick and his team got straight to work. Communication was easy and the results speak for themselves. 

    We have been extremely happy with the result, as have our customers.  But perhaps the best outcome is Trio’s ongoing responsiveness to support tasks.  Fixing bugs and making additions to the app have always been exceptionally quick.  Thanks Ben and Nick.” - Bruce Davey, Gloworm. 

  • BD14

    "We approached Trio Technology as we had identified our medium size business was suffering from high administration costs. After a brief meeting with Nick, Lincoln and the team we agreed upon creating a custom job management software for our business.

    The system, which we refer to as “The Dashboard” collects all of our data requirements from our staff which includes details for customer billing and staff wages and processes in the back end which interacts with our accounting service provider Xero and produces reporting to enable processing of wages efficiently on IMS Payroll.

    The Dashboard has allowed the company to provide a place for all of our data files, and easy access for our remote management staff. This has also allowed us to further manage our Health and Safety requirements for our staff with real time reporting on hours to enable our fatigue management policy.

    The Dashboard allows the companies billing to go out quicker and our invoices to be paid the same week, an efficiency we were not able to meet in the past. This system, has been very cost effective for us business. We have been able to scale down our administration staff team by more than 60%, and has removed the human error element. We have seen a reduction in several other areas of our business in terms of costs as well. We have no hesitation in recommending Trio Technology."

  • Biz Trainers

    "Had a good play this afternoon and uploaded a new photo, I’m very happy with how the website is looking and we’re getting a lot of positive feedback. Thanks for doing such a good job and for your help and support teaching me how to change things. Still lots for me to tweak but we’re getting there. Have a good weekend, Suzy"

  • Builtin Insurance

    “We found TrioTech to be a constructive, professional and well disciplined partner for our application development. They managed our expectations well during the process and communicated clearly when issues arose. Our portal now utilises best practice technology, allowing us to future proof this important sales channel. It is also enhancing our customers’ experiences and enabling us to maximise the value from every transaction. We are using TrioTech’s team on an ongoing basis now, to both support and improve our portal and bring additional efficiencies to our business operations.” - Ben Rickard, Builtin Insurance.

  • Soul Friends Pet Cremations
    “I now have a database that my clients can engage with directly, and that sends data accurately to my accounting software, virtually eliminating the need for a staff member to input, which was previously a significant role.

    We can now even book in pets using a smartphone app while we are out on the road, and check data in this way also. I do not know how I could have functioned successfully without this tool. The team at Trio Technology are talented and capable, professional and highly organised. It’s great to see them growing a solid and successful business and I have no hesitation in recommending them to all.”

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