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Enterprise Grade Web Hosting for Joomla and Wordpress

Managed Web Hosting is the new level of web hosting that makes your life a whole lot easier. We take away the pain of website upgrades and security and give you an unmatched peace of mind

Managed Web Hosting is High End Hosting for Low Cost

Our hosting delivers value on the things we do, that you don't want to do, don't know how to do or just can't be bothered doing. We offer best-of-class infrastructure and services so you don't have do anything

Wordpress and Joomla

Automatic Joomla and WordPress Updates

We update your Joomla or Wordpress site automatically as required so your site is always up to date and running the latest, secure versions. We also update all your plugins or addons too. Out of date plugins are an attack source and can leave your site vulnerable to exploits.


Security - Audits & Best Practise

Along with site updates, we also run monthly security audits to determine your site health and security status. Our tools are constantly updated for the latest malware detection.

We also actively configure the .HTaccess files for security and performance. We install the Admin Tools plugin for security and as a intrusion firewall

Full Site Back Up

We install Akeeba Back-up and in conjunction with our scanning and security service, we can also schedule a local back-up stored on the server.

Our second back-up is the full system back-up via RSYNC to the Rsync Cloud in Las Vegas. Rsync uses hourly, daily, weekly and monthly deltas of the server to have multiple back-ups of ours and your data

Uptime Monitor

Should you site go off-line, our uptime service proved by Uptime Robot will send us alerts. We are also alerted to changes to key and core files of your Joomla or Wordpress site

Site Hacked Alerts

Should your site be hacked and has malicious files then we'll know about it with our real-time scanner. We can also help with resolution by identifiying and removing the malicious files. We can also restore from a known good back-up of your site.

Email Sending - Reliable and Secure

With millions of spam being sent every minute, email inboxes are pushing harder and harder for emails to authenticate themselves or they are rejected. Emails send from a webserver, if not sent properly are getting blocked. We send your transactional emails sent from the server via the authenticated services of Sendgrid or Mailgun

What do you get?

You get web hosting of course, this is a given. Our Managed Web Hosting gives you hosting as well ALL of the following features

Automatic Updates

For Joomla and Wordpress

We'll apply and break-test* updates for Joomla or Wordpress sites as they are available.


Audits and Best Practise

We run a monthly security audit on your site to detect any issues. We also run a constant security enhancement tool.

Full Site Back-up

To RSYNC cloud in Las Vegas

All sites are backed up locally using Akeeba Backup but also all sites are backed to our Rsync storage in the Rsync Cloud.

Uptime Monitor

Alerts if your site is down

If your sites goes down, we'll know about it and can help you get it back up again.

SSL Certificate

end-to-end encryption

A free SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt is included for all sites, ensuring that your site meets all browser requirements for secure hosting.

Site Hacked Alerts

Alerts for rougue files

Should your site be hacked and has malicious files then we'll know about it with our real-time scanner. We can also help with resolution.

Latest Server software

Latest PHP and MySQL version

All our servers run the latest version of PHP (the web language used by Joomla and Wordpress) and MySQL (the DB).

Reliable Email Sending

Using Mailgun or Sendgrid SMTP

We send all your webserver originated emails through Mailgun. This authenticates your web emails and improves their deliverability into all inboxes.

Cloudflare Integration

Optional service

Using our CloudFlare integration, we can offer their caching services for free. This does require changes to your DNS records so is an optional but valuable service.

Joomla Only Features

JCH Optimize

Code Optimisation and Speed

JCH Optimize is a extension that optimises the Joomla code for faster page load times. This is included in the our hosting for free


Sitemaps for SEO

Jsitemap is a Joomla extension that generates and provides sitemaps for search engines. This is a key tool in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

* a Break-Test only ensures that a plugin or compompont update does not break your website. We cannot and do-not test all updates for their full functionality.

One Simple Plan

We offer ONE set Managed Hosting plan with all the features above included. We also offer a discount for annual billing. We don't offer cheaper, less featured plans as anything less is just a compromise

What we don't offer...

Cheap Hosting

There are plenty of options for cheaper hosting but none offer the services and features above


$39 per month

Plus GST. Per month, paid 6 monthly in advance


$35 per month

Plus GST. Per month, paid annually in advance

Our Other Dedicated Hosting Options

Magento Hosting. We offer specialised Magento 2 hosting

Magento 2 is an Open Source E-Commerce CMS. Magento 2 requires dedicated or specialised hosting and we operate a bare-metal server with Docker for this purpose. The server is optimised for Magento 2 recommended CPU, Ram and storage.

AWS & Azure

Some sites and applications need special scalable hosting along with specialist web services to really make their website sing. We offer Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services as a options to our main hosting platform. Please get in touch if you are looking for ideas on these services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you guarantees?

We offer a 99% uptime guarantee from our host partners. If your site is down, we'll know about via Uptime Robot

Can I do monthly billing?

Sure, but we find most customers are more than happy with just one invoice every 6 months or 12 months.

Can you build us a website and host it?

Yes, we can build any type of site required for you. Please see our services page for details and our Case Studies page for examples of our work

Can you host our emails too?

We don't offer server based email hosting as spam and junk mail issues prevent us from offering a reliable and effective email solution. We do however, recommend email services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace who can offer exceptional email solutions.

Please Note: this is different to our Reliable Email Sending Feature which is a function of sending transactional emails from the site to users

How can I pay you?

We'll send you an invoice for 6/12 months in advance. You can pay for this via internet banking or by credit card using the Pay Now link on the invoice.

Can you guarantee that we won't hacked?

No, we can't guarantee that. We offer best practise security recommendations and scanning, constant updates to the core CMS and it's plugins but we cannot guarantee that you're site will not be hacked. We do make it as hard as possible.

Certain things like strong passwords for admin users, or user-added rogue plugins are out of our control and therefore ability to offer any anti-hacking guarantee.

We need support, where do I go?

We can help. Go to our Contact page for Support details or submit a ticket. If the issue is related to our Managed Hosting, we'll fix it straight away. If it is site related, we can also help, but this work would be chargeable.