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Xero Approved Developers to get your systems talking

See your cash-flow in real-time with online billing, banking & accounting. Xero is an online accounting system designed for SME's and
we'll connect your business applications to Xero.

We love using Xero, it's our business accounting system, but what we love even more is the ability to connect to Xero and push and pull information from it.

Our payroll connects, our Project Management and billing system connects, even our CRM connects to Xero. If you need to discuss transforming your business processes with Xero, Contact Us, we'd love to hear from you.

So, how do we get Xero working with our existing systems ? Simple, just talk to us and we can advise on the next steps. If you already with Xero, great ! If not, we can help and work with your accountant or financial advisor on migration to Xero. We can cover the full gamut from business applications, ecommerce sites, all posting to Xero, then payment data back out again after reconciliation. We're here to help..

Here are some examples of Xero integrations

Digital transformation for greater logistics efficiency.

Finding app-based logistics management to work well, the features and opportunities kept getting added to help digital transformation at Connovation

BD14 Online Management Dashboard

Creating an efficient online dashboard for relief truck drivers and businesses needing them.

SF Petcremations - vTiger CRM

Animal tracking using a CRM database tool for massive productivity gains

Xero Invoice Manager

Xero Invoice Manager (XIM) was our product for exporting invoices generated in AC3 and sending to Xero via the Xero API


PestPac API to Xero API for Invoices across multiple entities and 5 different countries

MBS Advisors

Excel to Xero API integration in the cloud