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Controlling your bike’s Gloworm X2 lights from your phone


Controlling your bike’s Gloworm X2 lights from your phone

Creating a mobile app interface for Gloworm Lite’s marketing-leading performance lights

Adding connectivity and customisation to products and services help businesses stay innovative and competitive; this was the case for Gloworm Lites when they reimagined their existing range of performance lighting.

Gloworm Lites develop and sell a series of high quality, high performance LED lighting systems for everyday mountain bike riders and outdoor enthusiasts. Having started small in New Zealand, they’re now a global brand with distributors in 10 counties.

Our frequent collaborators at Beta Solutions created the technology connecting the hardware and firmware of the lights and battery to Bluetooth, allowing a connection to mobile devices.

To bring this technology together in an interface that is easy to interact with, we created the Gloworm LINK app, giving riders the ability to customise the lighting on the new G2 series of lightsets.

Using the LINK app, riders can tune the light levels to suit their environment. They can choose the power intensity of the light and select dim or flash settings, with the ability to label and save multiple light patterns for easy access while they’re riding. Riders can also monitor the light’s battery via the app.

View a run through of the app here

A few challenges on projects like these is perfecting the user interface, design and experience to align within the required specs and Gloworm’s vision for the app. App development also presents the challenge of being power efficient as to not drain the battery when toggling between device connections. Our team solved both problems with the skills and experience following years of app development projects.

What was particularly rewarding for the team after rounds of testing and revisions was to finally see the live feedback of controlling the lights from the app, sliding the controller on the app and seeing the brightness of the light change in real-time.

The ability to customise lighting is a key feature that adds functionality to Gloworm’s products with a modern app that stands out against their competitors.

Lead Developer

Ben Suarez-Brodie

Contract Developer