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Business Training NZ new Joomla website


Business Training NZ new Joomla website

Using Joomla and other components to build the online course ordering system

Business Training NZ are NZ's leading provider of Leadership and Management Training, Customer Service Courses, Team Building, Soft Skills and much more.

What did Biz Trainers require?
Their previous website was a Joomla 1.5 website for which support had expired in 2012 eight years ago. The website was on life-support and required very old version of server software to even be on the global internet. Biztrainers had also recently rebranded to Business Training New Zealand and had a new logo and branding. BTNZ needed a marketing website that would allow their current and new customers to book courses online and for the maintenance and updating of the new site to be a simple and streamlined as possible.
How did we accomplish this and what were the results?
We used Joomla 3.x.x of course and also utilised a new component for Course Management. By utilising the component for Course Management, we were able to present the courses and their sessions in a modern and stylish way. Our priority was mobile optimisations and using the YooTheme template and modern component, we were able to have good looking and functional pages on mobile, tablet and desktop. The new component also added productivity to the client as previously when a description changed for a course, this meant that it had to be changed up to eight times manually. Now, a simple content change once is all that is necessary.
Due to the new mobile optimisations, fresh content and easy access, the client is reported great response from their customers a booking more, find it easier to use and their SEO has improved also. A great result allround.
Lead Developer

Nick Crossman

General Manager