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Resene’s SmartTouch Mobile App

Resene’s SmartTouch Mobile App

A smart app solution for Resene’s SmartTouch paint system

Mobile applications are a modern interface between various hardware and software products allowing users to control systems from their phone. The Resene SmartTouch application we developed for Resene’s SmartTouch Paint System was a key part of their new product development and launch.

“Allowing you to control your lights by touching your walls and is a result of many innovative technologies.”

Resene SmartTouch System is based on capacitive touch screen technology allowing you to control your lights by touching areas of paint on your walls and is a result of many innovative technologies. We worked with Beta Solutions and their SmartSwitch technology to create an app that acts as the interface for users to configure actions for their SmartTouch paint controls from their mobile phones. We created the Resene SmartTouch application with a secure Bluetooth connection as this is how the SmartTouch paint system hardware connects to mobile devices. This allows accurate and secure pairing for the initial configurations of the SmartTouch paint controls.

“Applications are a key part of utilising technology and the move towards smarter homes, the ability to control aspects of your home, such as lighting and security, from your phone.”

The Resene SmartTouch app configures the SmartTouch system turning walls coated with the Resene Smart Touch conductive coating into light switches. The system can be customised with a range of features including a basic timer, touch settings and device networking. The SmartTouch android/iOS installation app provides a means for a one-time only setup and system security. 

The mobile app was a key component of product development and launch and is used at every installation of the SmartTouch Paint paint system to configure the light controls upon set up.

Lead Developer

Ben Suarez-Brodie

Contract Developer