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An update for Furniture Tree's eCommerce

An update for Furniture Tree's eCommerce

Keeping the Furniture Tree website as sharp and as polished as the furniture for sale on it.

Furniture Tree work with a range of suppliers and importers to provide a wide range of high-quality furniture to New Zealand consumers. We recently upgraded their website to Magento 2.0, a newer version of their previous website software that was coming out of support.

This upgrade allows Furniture Tree’s website to have more extensions and integrations with their other systems, namely Exonet, their financial system. Seamless integration like this one remove redundant manual data entry work and are incredibly more efficient.

“Magento 2.0 provides flexible e-commerce capabilities”

Using Magento 2.0 also means Furniture Tree’s website looks better and runs a lot faster and smoother for users. The updated website provides visitors with a clean and simple interface for a pleasant online shopping user experience, a timely upgrade as consumers continue to move to online channels for product research and purchases. It’s not uncommon for older web platforms to come out of support which is why it’s beneficial to have ongoing web development support. If it’s been a while since you’ve assessed your website capabilities or maybe you need to create one from scratch - we’re here to help!

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Liam Mitchell

Senior Software Developer