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BD14 Online Management Dashboard

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BD14 Online Management Dashboard

Creating an efficient online dashboard for relief truck drivers and businesses needing them.

Modern website capabilities have the ability to transform systems bringing efficiencies to many industries, one of which is the management of relief truck drivers. Our work with BD14 created a modern and accurate process for businesses to find available relief truck drivers and for available drivers to find work, all while taking care of regulation and payment requirements.

BD14 was established in 2014 to help remove the stigma surrounding relief truck drivers and to provide an opportunity for professional relief drivers to find work and provide their high quality service to businesses needing them. BD14 prides itself on the professionalism and experience of its drivers, the efficiency and competence of its transport coordinators, and the ability to provide a 24/7 service. BD14 operates nationwide and continues to grow their business and network of drivers.

Before working with us, BD14 were using an Excel spreadsheet to manage their drivers and their tasks, which proved difficult to manage remotely, especially as the number of drivers under their management continued to increase. This manual management via spreadsheet was time intensive to ensure accuracy, and a lot of time was spent reentering duplicate information. Mistakes and inaccurate data had the potential to cause significant issues and miscommunication between drivers and their contractors.

The BD14 online dashboard we developed provides the BD14 team with a modern and efficient method to manage jobs and allocate resources for both organisations looking for professional relief drivers and drivers looking for work. The online dashboard allows timely, accurate information to be entered and managed. The Xero API provides the ability to manage payments and ensures accurate invoicing. The website also keeps track of rules and regulations associated with driving providing a helpful tool for drivers to check they’re complaint.

“An online dashboard can be an efficient and effective way to manage your business - providing room to grow and remote access where and when you need it”

The online dashboard solution gives BD14 a streamlined platform to efficiently manage their resources, drivers and payments. This helps businesses and drivers keep accurate records and time recordings of work allocations for easy, accurate billing. This method is also scalable and can grow as the company does and the remote capabilities and centralised information help BD14 provide a 24/7 service to their business and driver network.

“Reducing their admin staff from three to one.”

This new online form of managing drivers reduced the head count and administration requirements of BD14, providing more accurate information allowing to save time and resources and reducing their admin staff from three to one. Their website also provides an easy way for drivers to apply and for businesses to book a driver, whenever and wherever they need to. We’ve also worked with BD14 to create a mobile alternative to traditional driver log books - read about it here.

"We approached Trio Technology as we had identified our medium size business was suffering from high administration costs. After a brief meeting with Nick, Lincoln and the team we agreed upon creating a custom job management software for our business.
The system, which we refer to as “The Dashboard” collects all of our data requirements from our staff which includes details for customer billing and staff wages and processes in the back end which interacts with our accounting service provider Xero and produces reporting to enable processing of wages efficiently on IMS Payroll.
The Dashboard has allowed the company to provide a place for all of our data files, and easy access for our remote management staff. This has also allowed us to further manage our Health and Safety requirements for our staff with real time reporting on hours to enable our fatigue management policy.
The Dashboard allows the companies billing to go out quicker and our invoices to be paid the same week, an efficiency we were not able to meet in the past. This system, has been very cost effective for us business. We have been able to scale down our administration staff team by more than 60%, and has removed the human error element. We have seen a reduction in several other areas of our business in terms of costs as well. We have no hesitation in recommending Trio Technology."

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