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Bringing a well established appliance retailer into the modern age of ecommerce.

Bringing a well established appliance retailer into the modern age of ecommerce.

Leader and Watt – Magento Ecommerce connected to the 100% Head Office price and product feed.

Where do customers first look for products they're looking to purchase? Online!

We updated Leader & Watt’s website to allow Magento Ecommerce capabilities that connect to their main product feed bringing their products in front of online customers.

 Leader & Watt are a leading provider of electrical appliances having been established in 1931. We developed a new ecommerce site allowing them to present their products and services nationwide providing the potential to reach, engage and sell to more customers than ever before.

Leader & Watt needed a new ecommerce platform to keep up with consumers online focused behaviour as opposed to physical storefront shopping. The previous website was minimal with company information and contact details and didn’t have the ability to show customers the products they sell. Their old website required manual data entry and a content management system that required input to be fed through from their head office. Manual input often created duplicate information and messy data to deal with.

‘Even if customers aren’t wanting to make a purchase online, it’s an expectation that they’re able to browse a businesses product catalogue to compare features and prices’

Leader & Watt customers are now able to browse and shop online for appliances with their new ecommerce platform. Even if customers are not looking to make their order online, they can use the Leader & Watt site to research products to inform their purchase decisions prior to heading in-store for a physical purchase. This reflects trends in consumer behaviour as shoppers search for and expect product information to be available to them when considering a purchase.

Lead Developer

Ben Suarez-Brodie

Intermediate Developer
Magento 2.3

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