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Going mobile - Helping truck drivers ditch the paper-based logbook

Going mobile - Helping truck drivers ditch the paper-based logbook

Creating a new ‘Hubo’ mobile logbook application for BD14 and their drivers.

Sometimes you just need an app! This was the case for BD14 who needed a new modern approach for their drivers to log their work.

BD14 was established in 2014 to remove the stigma surrounding relief truck drivers and to provide an opportunity for professional relief drivers to find work and provide their high-quality service to businesses needing them. BD14 drivers previously logged their hours and records in paper logbooks which could often be a laborious task that resulted in inaccurate entries. Operating nationwide and growing their network of over 50 drivers, the cost of logbooks created a significant expense.

Long haul driving presents many health and safety challenges, and drivers must remain compliant with NZTA regulations. BD14 needed a new solution for their drivers that could overcome the inefficiencies of the paper logbooks which had been the default method of driver records for many years.

“Our mobile app allows drivers to effortlessly track their hours… compliant with NZTA’s legal requirements.”

We created a private mobile application that allows drivers to track their hours using a simple start and stop timer with preset hours built in reminding drivers of when they need to take their breaks, purposefully developed to ensure drivers kept compliant with NZTA’s legal requirements.

The mobile application can be used easily on any phone or tablet and eliminates the need for drivers to carry large paper logbooks with them on every journey. We’ve designed the app for low battery usage with other features designed for drivers spending long hours on the road. Data from the app connects to the BD14 management dashboard <link to BD14 Dashboard case study> for seamless remote management.

“An important HR tool to update drivers on their conditions and to help them manage their workload.”

The new BD14 Hubo app allows drivers to accurately track their working hours and assist them in being compliant with the driving regulations. It acts as a vital HR tool to update drivers on their conditions and to help them manage their workload. The app also provides reports on driver activity to provide feedback on common issues or overtime.

“This has also allowed us to further manage our Health and Safety requirements for our staff with real-time reporting on hours to enable our fatigue management policy. We have seen a reduction in several other areas of our business in terms of costs as well. We have no hesitation in recommending Trio Technology."

Need a new app-based solution to mobilise your business management? Learn more about our mobile app services and contact the team today!

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