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Developer support for a world leader in UV technology.

Developer support for a world leader in UV technology.

The right skills for the job

Biolumic is a leading provider of UV technology for maximising plant growth. They requested developer support from us to help them across all facets of their business.

We sent one of our team members to provide direct support and resources in-house for a more ‘hands-on’ working relationship with the Biolumic team. Our varied skill set perfectly married up to their needs and requirements to help with Biolumics various projections and developments.

“We were very happy with the in-house developer support we received from Trio Technology, their skills and knowledge were a great match for what we needed and this was a great boost for our development team” - Andrea, Biolumic.

Need developer support? Our team are experts in their field and can help transform your business.

Lead Developer

Nick Crossman

General Manager

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