Updating Builtin's online enquiry forms for ease and efficiency

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Updating Builtin's online enquiry forms for ease and efficiency

Rebuilding Builtin Insurance’s enquiry form into an intuitive, modern framework

Long gone are the days of paperwork and the need to meet in person to get an insurance quote. Our work with Builtin Insurance set them up with a modern framework to make online insurance quotes and enquiries as seamless as possible.

Builtin Insurance works exclusively with builders and other trade professionals, helping them manage their risk with specialist insurance.

Although the business had existing online forms, a new build was needed to update the framework to a newer version. Our developers created a modern framework to replace their previous ​​insurance enquiry form using Lavarel, an open-source PHP web framework, ideal for creating what was needed for Builtin Insurance.

The updated form has a fresh design, is more interactive and asks better questions to provide more support and value to both the users and management, resulting in less follow up work for the Builtin Insurance team. This gives tradies the ability to find a quote for and buy the cover they need quickly and easily online, great for trade professionals who don’t have time to spend up to an hour on the phone just to get a quote, a common downfall of other insurance providers.

Investing in online solutions is not a replacement for customer service; Builtin Insurance remains a personable, family business, and their new framework complements this by providing the option for trade professionals to provide their details online in their own time so that the team can provide targeted help and support as soon as it’s needed. 

We continue to work with the team at Builtin Insurance on future developments of the project and digital transformation across the company.

“We found TrioTech to be a constructive, professional and well disciplined partner for our application development. They managed our expectations well during the process and communicated clearly when issues arose. Our portal now utilises best practice technology, allowing us to future proof this important sales channel. It is also enhancing our customers’ experiences and enabling us to maximise the value from every transaction. We are using TrioTech’s team on an ongoing basis now, to both support and improve our portal and bring additional efficiencies to our business operations.” - Ben Rickard, Builtin Insurance.

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