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An intuitive web solution for dealers and customers




An intuitive web solution for dealers and customers

Creating a seamless, integrated dealer base interface for Steelfort

Steelfort is one of NZ’s leading distributors of outdoor power equipment. We created a Magento interface Dealer login for Steelfort that enables dealers to easily place orders and check stock availability online.

Doing so required data integration with their existing ERP systems, TIMS for basic product information (Product ID, Price etc.) and Akeneo for additional information such as images and product descriptions. Syncing these up to the Magento dealer site enables dealers to easily find what they’re searching for. We chose the Magento platform for it’s high performance and ability to integrate with external systems.

With this new online interface, dealers can now search for the specific product they’re after and can easily find parts to different pieces of equipment on the site. This is a much better alternative to catalogue and paper-based listings and dealers needing to fax or phone orders through to Steelfort.

Following the success of their dealer login, we also upgraded their customer-facing website using the same Magento framework and integration. In doing this, we changed the storefront, theme and details (such as only showing the RRP) to reflect the different information that would be available to a consumer as opposed to a dealer. This upgrade made the Steelfort website more user-friendly and significantly increased the site speed and loading time. Users can now browse different information online and in their own time prior to making a physical purchase from Steelfort’s various dealers.

Lead Developer

Ben Suarez-Brodie

Contract Developer